Forcefield Backprotector Sport-Lite L1 (S)

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Forcefield Backprotector Sport-Lite L1 (S)

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The Forcefield Sport-Lite 1 is the entry level back protector from Forcefield
Body Armour. CE approved to EN1621-2:2003 (Level 1) the Sport-Lite 1 is
designed to be soft, flexible, breathable and comfortable whilst still providing
maximum impact protection.

Constructed using Nitrex Evo_ a unique high-tech triangular shock absorbing
material combined with dense and lightweight layers of foam which disperse
energy upon impact.

Nitrex Evo_ also provides Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) to ensure
that even after multiple impacts there is no loss of protective performance.

Fully adjustable shoulder straps and double waist adjustment ensure a correct
fit for different body shapes.

Geschlecht: Unisex
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Marke: Forcefileld
Artikelzustand: neu

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