Furygan 6789-1 Pants Veloce Lady Black 40

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Furygan 6789-1 Pants Veloce Lady Black 40

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Under the leather hides Veloce its effectiveness. On the road it will give
you all the confidence and protection needed to go out.

Protection / Security
? Veloce is CE homologated.
? Full grained 1.4mm leather, same as
our race suits.
? D3O homologated protectors for
knees and hips, (1621-2 level 1 homologated
protectors), which offer full
protection without restricting comfort
and freedom of movement.
? Furygan Skin Protect lining _ approved
by Furygan¸s R&D (Motion Lab)
to reinforce leather products in terms of
tearing and abrasion resistance.
? Areas exposed to abrasion in a crash
situation are reinforced with triple
stitching to avoid tearing.

Ergonomics / Comfort
? Special innerlining with high comfort
and breathability.
? Stretch Cordura in the crotch and
behind the knees.
? Calf area made of cordura for better
comfort and to prevent floating
material in the boot.
? Water repellent leather
? Two connecting zips (one short
and one full) mounted on an elastic
? Elastic waistband for comfort and
? Stretch leather on the knees and
waist for high comfort and ergonomics.
? Includes Furygan sliders

Geschlecht: Unisex
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Marke: Furygan

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