Furygan 6945-561 Pants Jean 02 Blue Denim 46

Artikelnummer: 65258-46-561

Furygan 6945-561 Pants Jean 02 Blue Denim 46

Kategorie: Furygan

159,95 €

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There is no longer a need to compromise between style, comfort and protection.
With a straight cut, real denim look and cool design, the Furygan 01
and D02 jeans offer maximum protection but with the appearance of a pair
of fashion jeans. Ideal.

Protection / Security
Ì Main external material : cotton _
denim jean _.
Ì Kevlar lining on the back, hips and
Ì D3O homologated (1621-1) protectors
on the knees.
Ì Areas exposed to abrasion in a crash
situation are reinforced with triple or
quadruple stitching to avoid tearing.

Ergonomics / Comfort
Ì Adjustable knee protectors (two
height options).
Ì Straight cut, for more comfort on
the bike.
Ì 4 pockets.

Geschlecht: Unisex
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Marke: Furygan

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